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Car Battery Replacement

Winston-Salem NC

Winston-Salem Audi Volkswagen Car Battery Replacement

Click. Click. Click. No matter how many times you turn the key, the only thing you’re going to hear is a click. That could mean one of two things: Either the battery is dead or the starter is dead. As you look at your watch, you sigh because you know you’re going to be late to work. Then you cross your fingers and hope it’s just the battery.

As an independent repair shop in Winston Salem, NC, we can test the charging and starting system to determine whether you have a problem with the charging system or the starter.

How Long Should a Car Battery Last?

In most cases, a car battery lasts from three to five years, depending on the type of driving you do and where you live. In some cases, batteries could last more than five years. Most batteries have a three-year warranty, though you can find extended-life batteries with a four- or five-year warranty.

Why Is My Car Battery Dead?

Your car battery can die for two major reasons: Either the battery is dead because it’s old, or the alternator is not charging. When you come in with a dead battery, we charge the battery to see if it will hold a charge. We then check the charging system to ensure the alternator is charging the battery.

If the alternator is not charging, we will need to replace the alternator. We then make sure the battery has a full charge and that it will hold the charge. In some cases, the non-charging alternator could be the last straw for an older battery. In that case, we would need to replace the alternator and the battery. If the battery holds a charge, then we only replace the alternator.

If the battery is dead and the alternator is charging, we only replace the battery.

In some cases, your battery might not start the vehicle because the battery terminals are corroded or because the positive and negative battery cables are damaged. We clean the terminals as part of replacing the battery. However, if the battery has a full charge and the alternator is charging properly, we will look at the cables, which might need replacement.

Car Battery Cost


Audi Volkswagen Battery

What Is Included in the Cost to Replace the Battery?

We check the charging system to make sure the alternator is charging the battery. We then check the battery to ensure that it is holding a charge. If we need to replace the battery, we clean the terminals and install a new battery. We then check the charging system, including the battery, after we install the new battery. If everything is working properly, your vehicle is ready to go.

When your vehicle does not start, and you suspect the battery is dead, bring your vehicle to Everything Euro repair shop in Winston Salem, NC, so that we can diagnose the battery and alternator.

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