Owning a high-performance vehicle in the Winston-Salem, NC area is a dream for a lot of people. While a high-performance vehicle can be a lot of fun to drive and be used for recreational racing purposes as well, most drivers do not use them throughout the year. Typically, they will be put in extended parking for a portion of the year. If you are going to put your high-performance vehicle in extended parking, there are several tips to follow that can help prepare your car for extended parking.

Have it Fully Inspected

Prior to bringing your vehicle in for extended storage, it is important to have it fully inspected. If there are any mechanical issues with your vehicle, they can get much worse if your car is not in use for an extended period of time. Even minor problems can turn into larger challenges while in storage. A technician will be able to complete a full inspection and provide any routine service or repairs that are necessary. This can include completing an oil change, filling up the gas tank, and ensuring all other vital fluids are topped off as well.

Disconnect the Car Battery

While a battery tends to take on the most amount of stress when the vehicle is in use, it will always run a little when the car is off even if you have turned off all lights and other electrical features. While this may not be an issue if you use your vehicle regularly, a slow drain over a period of months can completely drain a battery and require a replacement. Due to this, you should always disconnect your car battery before extended storage.

Clean the Car

You should also make sure your car is as clean as possible when putting it into storage. Dirt, debris, and any moisture could start to cause damage to the paint job of your vehicle’s exterior and lead to mildew growth in the interior. A proper cleaning can help to keep your car’s interior and exterior in good condition.

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