Although the 2.0T is no slouch in its stock form, even more power lurks inside, awaiting just a few key mods. Unlike the 1.8T of yesteryear, you don’t even have to go deep into the internals to hit the coveted 300 horsepower mark. Bolt-on VW performance upgrades will easily do the trick, especially when you do all the following modifications.

Cold Air Intake

A cold air intake increases the flow of cool air into your engine, so it can better complete the combustion cycle. On its own, the intake doesn’t offer big gains, but once you install the rest of your bolt-on modifications, it really comes to life.

Downpipe and Exhaust

Just like with the intake, a performance downpipe helps your engine breathe better, which allows it to create more power. The three-inch wide pipe virtually eliminates all restrictions in the exhaust while creating a spirited tuned sound. When equipped with a 200-cell catalytic converter, the downpipe replaces much of the exhaust from the turbo to the rear axles.

You’ll then just need to add cat-back exhaust kit to complete the system. A three-inch cat-back exhaust tubing matches the flow of the downpipe while the mufflers further refine the sound quality. At the end, you get attractive exhaust tips that look great while completing the exhaust sound profile for your 2.0T.

K04 Turbo Upgrade

Like the 1.8T, the 2.0T comes stock with a capable, if not a bit boring, K03 turbo. To take your performance to the next level, you need to ditch that turbo in favor of the K04 upgrade. With the K04, the boost comes on much faster, while increasing power output by leaps and bounds. Along with having the turbo installed, you’ll need to get an ECU reflash that aligns the function of the computer with the bolt-on upgrades.

Beyond that, you can get even more out of your 2.0T turbo upgrade by installing:

Diverter valve
Fuel injectors
High pressure fuel pump
R8 coilpacks
Spark plugs
Boost gauge

If you want to go one step further, install a bigger front mount intercooler, which helps reduce heat soak and increases performance even more.

Ready to Get Started on Your VW Performance Upgrades?

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