Now that you’ve gotten your VW GTI and have been driving it for awhile, you’ve discovered the need for more speed. If so, it looks as if you’ve been bitten by the “mod” bug, meaning you’re ready to get under the hood and tinker. To ensure you have the fastest and coolest GTI on the road, here are seven ways you can make your GTI faster.

General Maintenance

Like any car, your GTI runs faster when you change the spark plugs and oil on a regular basis. By changing spark plugs every 20,000 miles and oil after 5,000 miles, your GTI will always be at its best.


By increasing your GTI’s traction, you’ll increase its performance. While it’s factory-issued tires are good, you can upgrade by looking to such options as Toyo R888, Hankook RS3, or Michelin Pilot Super Sports.

Wheels Aren’t Just Cosmetic

After you’ve got new tires on your GTI, adding new wheels will be more than just a cosmetic makeover. In fact, the right wheels will give your GTI both decreased weight and increased power. For example, the stock wheels on your GTI tend to weigh between 24-29 pounds. However, if you install Volk TE37, Enkei RPF1, or OZ Ultraleggera on your GTI, these wheels weigh only 17-18 pounds, which is quite a difference.

Add a Cold Air Intake

By adding a cold air intake, you’ll be sending cooler air through your GTI engine. Along with hearing that classic VW valve “woosh,” you’ll have a more powerful engine as you go down the highway.


Once you add an aftermarket exhaust, your GTI will be able to “exhale” more easily, which translates into more horsepower. To get maximum power as well as a great sound, try either the cat-back exhaust, down pipe, or turbo-back exhaust.


To get great bang for your buck, install an intercooler. Easy to install, an intercooler will cool the air from your turbocharger, giving your GTI much greater power and efficiency. As for how much extra power, expect an increase of 15-25 horsepower.

ECU Tune

Finally, give your GTI an ECU tune. Since the factory’s ECU is programmed very conservatively, you’ve got plenty of room for improvement. In fact, you may get an additional 39 horsepower and better gas mileage.

Once you take the time to perform these seven simple steps, you’re likely to have the fastest GTI on the road.