If you have an Audi or a Volkswagen, chances are you have seen the EPC light. It is never fun to see a new light pop up on your dashboard, especially when you do not know what it means.

What is the EPC Light?

The electric power control (EPC) warning light on your Volkswagen or Audi is a sign that there is a problem with the throttle system in your car. It could mean that the problem is the throttle body, the throttle pedal, traction control, or cruise control. Sometimes, the EPC light could mean something else. You should never ignore this light when it comes on. It is a clear indicator that there is a problem. The brake control unit, the steering control unit, and the engine control unit all control the EPC. For this reason, it may be challenging to diagnose the cause of the light on your dashboard. You will see fuel efficiency and engine performance decrease when the engine control unit is not functioning correctly. You may see other lights come on along with the EPC light.

Should I Drive My Car When the EPC Light is On?

Typically, it is safe to drive your car for a short distance or amount of time when the light is on. However, you should take your vehicle to the closest Volkswagen or Audi service center to have it diagnosed. The problem may be severe. Some of the issues that could occur include a mass airflow sensor malfunction, brake light switch malfunction, cruise control problem, throttle system problem, or a malfunction with the engine speed sensor. When the light comes on, your car may only allow limited functionality of the engine control unit. The EPC light is an indication that your vehicle requires a service technician to inspect it.

Why Should I Get the EPC Light Fixed?

Most modern Volkswagen vehicles have an electronic stability program (ESP) that is directly connected to the electronic power control unit. When the car detects there is a problem with the EPC, it may automatically turn off your vehicle and prevent you from driving it at all. So if you are driving when the light comes on, get to a Volkswagen service center to determine what caused the light to come on.

Is This Something I Can Fix?

Most of us want to find out how to fix the problem quickly ourselves. In this case, it is best to have a technician diagnose the reason the light came on in your car. It is not recommended that you simply reset the light without fixing the underlying problem.