Volkswagen’s vehicles have continued to be among the most popular in the world for a long time. While they produce modern sedans, SUVs, and other vehicles that are commonly driven on the road, VW is also known for having a historic line of classic and high-performance vehicles. If you are looking to purchase one of these, having it properly restored is a great option. One way to have this done is through Everything Euro’s Air-Cooled VW restoration, which follows a unique process.

Chassis Removal and Refurbishment

One of the first parts of the restoration process involves the refurbishment of the chassis. During this part, the chassis will be removed from the body, disassembled, and properly cleaned, and restored. It will then be reassembled and equipped with any new parts you need, which can include a new braking system. It will then be installed back into the rest of the car.

Body Repairs

Once the chassis is restored, they will focus on repairing the vehicle body. This will include restoring and replacing any body panels, cleaning and removing rust from the body, and even adding a fresh coat of paint to help the car look its best.

Interior Repairs

Those who are having their VW vehicle restored will also love the interior repairs and restoration. During this process, it is common to have all existing upholstery removed, having seats and frames fixed, and then installing all new upholstery, panels, carpeting, and headliners. They will always match the interior as well as possible to help retain a classic interior feel.

Vehicle Assembly

Once the body has been cleaned and the interior improved, the technicians will assemble the vehicle back together. This part of the process will help to provide you with a Volkswagen vehicle is good as new and will provide you with a great overall driving experience going forward. The technicians will then put on any finishing touches and run a variety of tests to ensure it is working well.

If you have a high-performance Volkswagen vehicle and would like to have it improved and rebuilt, you should start by coming to Everything Euro. This auto body and service center specializes in providing repairs and auto body services for a range of European high-performance vehicles including Volkswagen, Porsche, and Audi.  They can also partner with supplies and other technicians to ensure the job is done well and you will be able to continue to love your rebuilt vehicle.